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  • 02-21-17 05:42:37

      Bridal Hair Accessories That Fit Perfectly with New Bridal Trends For 2017

    You may have the most gorgeous wedding dress or the perfect location for your nuptial ceremony, but nothing would make up for a bad hairstyle. Not only the love of your life, but everyone else at your wedding ceremony would be desperately waiting for your arrival. You have to have your hair styled in the most gorgeous way, if you want to look your best on your D-day. So, if you don’t want to ruin your beautiful looks on the most special day of your life, look for the best bridal hair accessories so that you can get your hair ...
  • 02-14-17 10:55:39

      Yacanna Magic Friday: Wedding Supplies At A Minimal Price

    Here’s some good news for ‘Brides-to-be’. If you are in search of wedding flower girl baskets or one of the most perfect cake toppers for your wedding gateau, we bring to you the best of what we have. Spend your Friday exploring our site for all your wedding supplies that you have been frantically searching for over the Internet for the past few days. Why? Well, because it’s Magic Friday and our wedding clearance sale is open for all. This is the best chance to add distinctive items like bridal emergency kit, cake toppers, wedding favors, party pins, ring pillows, ...
  • 02-08-17 06:00:10

      Pick The Right His And Her Masquerade Masks For a Mardi Gras Ball

    First, let’s dive into a little history of a holiday that dates back to thousands of years ago. What started as an element of pagan rituals and fertility rites, went on to evolve as what we know as Mardi Gras today. Also known as the Carnival, this essentially Christian holiday is celebrated in many countries across the globe.According to historians, it was quite a turn of tables when the pagan celebrations ended up as something that is widely adopted by believers of a certain faith today. It was more like a prelude to Lent when the new Christians in Rome ...
  • 06-16-16 12:44:00

      Make Your Wedding Sparkle with Crystal Cake Topper

    Crystal cake toppers are more than just decoration. They can be the most beautiful keepsakes from the special day. A crystal cake topper can continue to be a part of your interior decor too; sitting on a shelf, table top or mantle piece, just like picture frames that stand as the most adorable memories of your wedding. So, you should make sure that the cake toppers that you choose are of a very good quality and made of durable materials, in a very smart design. Not only would it help in getting all the appreciation and compliments from the guests ...
  • 09-20-16 05:02:31

      The Story Behind The Phantom's Mask

    If you are fond of masquerades, you must have come across the infamous mask from the classic Phantom of The Opera. An acclaimed book, musical and film, the very theme has grown to be a highly appreciated work of art and beauty. And the Phantom’s mask has become an icon of its kind. The Phantom’s mask is both a reminder of the classic romantic mystery and a symbolic representation of the sadness depicted through the character of Erik, the phantom himself. Having always been depicted as a scarred and ugly face, the otherwise extremely talented Erik had to put on ...