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  • 06-22-17 11:08:14

      Ideas About Bling Wedding Cake Decorations To Spruce Up The Celebrations

    A wedding function is all about celebrating the union of two people along with all the loved ones. When all your near and dear ones are gathered, sharing sweet moments and making treasured memories is the best part of the celebration. And that’s why cake cutting holds great importance in a wedding ceremony. The wedding cake is a ritual symbolizing a rich and prosperous future for the married couple. You both are going to share the first bite together with an unspoken promise of providing for each other forever. When your wedding cake is so special, it has to look ...
  • 06-22-17 06:04:46

      This Bachelorette Party Kit Is What You Need To Make The Wedding Memorable For Your Best Friend

    Has the time finally arrived? Is your best friend about to get married in a few days? If so, plan a bachelorette party without further ado! The time before her D-day won’t come back. Make the most of these days so that you can remember all the happy moments with your dearest friend before she gets a little busy in her married life. Tying the nuptial knot without having some fun time with your best pal won’t do justice to your friendship. So, talk to your entire girl gang about the same and throw a surprise bachelorette party for the ...
  • 06-15-17 02:39:10

      Add Magic To Your Wedding Day By Getting Sparklers For Wedding

    Can’t wait to exchange nuptial vows with the one you love? Have you always dreamed of a beautiful wedding? If so, leave no stone unturned in making your Wedding Day extra special. Be it the venue, food, music or decoration, make sure every element in your wedding is remarkable by all means. To transform your otherwise ordinary nuptial ceremony into a dazzling event, don’t forget to add wedding sparklers to the plan. If your wedding or reception is planned to take place at the night, rest assured wedding sparklers would add a magical effect to the affair. Wedding sparklers have ...
  • 05-24-17 05:49:44

      Wedding Survival Kit That Every Bride Needs On The Wedding Day

    No matter how much time you have spent meticulously planning out every second of your wedding day, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong. The tiniest hitch may present a mild roadblock on your otherwise perfect wedding day, so it is a good idea to have a wedding day emergency kit filled with items that will help you take care of any unplanned emergencies in a snap. You are going to be the center of attention throughout the entire day. All eyes are going to be on you, not to mention the photographer, videographer, and all of ...
  • 05-21-17 11:10:51

      Giver Her a Bag Of Memories: Get Flower Girl Gift Sets

    There was a time when your little sister or niece meandered all over the house, reaching every corner of the house on her knees. Her incessant chats filled you with joy, pain and often with feelings that can’t be named nor can be expressed. There was a time when you were tired as hell carrying her in your arms. But seeing her all dressed up as a cutest little flower girl reassures you that all the pain was worth it! Though as an older sibling or aunt the bond never ends or expires but the truth is from now on ...