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  • 03-24-17 12:26:57

      A Few Amazing Ideas For Spring Garden Theme Wedding Favors

    When the pleasant fragrance of freshly blooming flowers intoxicates you, while you savor the delicious delights and finely aged wine with guests on your most special day - you feel that you made the right decision. Yes, a wedding styled in spring garden theme is everything that spells refreshing and invigorating in its true sense. With the nature swaying in its best form of the year, you don’t have to add anything artificial from your side. Just the subtle arrangements with creative decoration and minimal props will act like magic and grab the attention of spectators, soothing their senses with ...
  • 03-23-17 12:12:23

      Gold Masquerade Masks For A Golden Masquerade Themed Wedding

    Did you accept his marriage proposal a few days back? Are you now counting days to get married to the love of your life? If you are a girl in love who has been exploring the Internet frantically for one of the coolest wedding ideas, you have come to the right place. Making your big day fun and unforgettable may seem like a tough task, but with the correct ideas in mind, you will be able to transform your dreams into a reality without any hassles. If both of you have always wanted to exchange vows in a unique and ...
  • 03-20-17 08:52:08

      The Simplest Yet The Most Beautiful Idea For An “In Loving Memory” Wedding

    Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience but even when they are gone, it doesn’t mean the love for them is gone too. Though their actual presence would always be missed, especially on a special occasion like a wedding, their essence can be carried in subtle ways, honoring them beautifully. For those who choose to have an “In loving memory” wedding, lighting a memorial candle is the simplest and the most beautiful idea. The couple could do it together or the entire family could come and light several remembrance candles at a spot. While this can be done with ...
  • 02-16-16 11:07:26

      Wedding Sparklers for a Dazzling Event

    A wedding is always going to be a special occasion. Celebrating in style can mean getting the dress  code right, decorating the venue, and even providing the right props and accessories to commemorate the day. One small addition that can make a big impact, is the use of wedding sparklers. These dazzling, fun, and safe accessories will add some glitz to the wedding reception, helping to make it an occasion that the bride, groom, and guests, will never forget.Although wedding sparklers could be used at any point throughout a ceremony or reception, many newlyweds choose to use sparklers as part ...
  • 03-17-17 05:52:08

      Use Crystal Cake Toppers To Dress Up Your Wedding Cake

    Apart from relationships, emotions, togetherness, love and vows, a major part of what makes up a wedding includes dressing up. Be it the attire of the bride and the groom or the decorations that cover the venue, everything is made to look prettier with drapes, flowers, lights and jewelry. Thinking along the same line, how about dressing up the cake itself? Interestingly, we have been doing that for ages!From satin ribbons to edible bows, icing made to resemble confetti or actual confetti around the cake, flowers made of cream, special candles and a variety of toppers are all meant to ...