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  • 09-28-17 11:08:11

      A Glimpse into the Glamorous History of Masquerade Masks

    During the 16th century Italian renaissance, Masquerade balls became one of the most sought after public affairs as they brought in plenty of opportunities to socialize and that too, without necessarily revealing your identity. Extravagant masks made out of a variety of materials ranging from clay to luxurious velvet kept evolving in design and style. There were different shapes to choose from, multiple themes to stick to and an array of embellishments to pick. The attention that masquerade masks received was at par with that of other ornaments and accessories. The mysterious allure of the masks have continued to this ...
  • 09-28-17 10:58:27

      Strike Your Presence – Without Giving Away Yourself

    Designer masquerade masks, as online buyers will understand, are more than just a fun disguise in theme-based parties for children. For adults, masquerade masks are way too beautiful and sturdier.Colorful masks add an element of surprise and glamour to the party and the ensemble in particular, whereas, Halloween masquerade masks complete the overall outfit and prepares a person to thrill the fellow mates right at the party with the amazing combination.The variety available online provides full face covers for Halloween, designer cut filigree designs and masks of every size and shape. The online customer is expected to give better attention ...
  • 09-28-17 06:10:50

      Buy Halloween Masks Online to Celebrate the Festive Season

    The celebrations of Halloween are marked with people wearing different types of masks especially, mysterious and scary ones, to conceal their identity and play around with their friends. In fact, there is a complete Halloween costume to be worn, but it is not complete without a mask. Different types of Halloween masks are available of which some can cover the entire head while others may just cover your face and not the rest of your head. Even though Halloween comes only once in a year, parties and social gatherings go around all the year. In most of these parties, masquerade ...
  • 08-29-17 03:36:51

      Remember these party favors when you plan a “It’s a Girl” Baby Shower

    Planning a baby shower is fun for many reasons and yet, overwhelming at many levels. So, while you work with the party menu, the guest list and the decor, here are the best party favors that would be best suited when you know that it’s a girl! Cute salt and pepper shakers: These could be in the shape of baby blocks or about to hatch chicks. Absolutely anything that is cute and tiny can be the ideal picks when you have to go for these. Ballerina baby shower favors These can double up as table decor and little favor bags ...
  • 09-28-17 06:13:51

      Choose Masquerade Masks to Add Mystery and Glamour to Your Birthday Party

    Planning a birthday party is a lot of fun. However, it also includes making some complex decisions such as deciding the party location, list of guests, menu, games, etc. Yet another element that one has to keep in mind while making the party arrangements is the theme. You cannot simply organize a birthday celebration without a theme. After all, a lot depends upon the birthday theme. So, if you are busy planning a birthday party for your loved one, make it a point to base all your arrangements around the birthday theme. Quite a hit among youngsters, masquerade theme is ...